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Ever wondered why you are not getting selected for interview?

You apply and apply and nothing comes back…?  What’s going on? Perhaps your presentation “on paper” needs some help?  

Getting selected for interview starts with your CV..!

“We see hundreds of CVs each week and it’s rare to find one that doesn’t need some improvement before its ready to put forward to apply for a yacht job!  I can honestly say, over the years that I have been a Crew Agent I have never seen a CV that I couldn’t fix in some way!” – Donna Morris, Director, Superyacht Crew  International (Recruitment & Training).
The truth is that a CV is a form of personal marketing!  You need to be sure that you are presenting yourself in the best possible way! and that your CV is composed in the expected Superyacht style containing the required information.   Many many CVs fall far short of this benchmark.
Since there is a lot of competition for good jobs your CV needs to stand ‘head and shoulders’ above the rest!  At this (Superyacht) level it is of the utmost importance to give the very best possible ‘first impression’ to whoever reads your CV.  It can mean the difference between being invited for an interview and being passed over.
So take a look at your CV.  Is it working for you?  Does it line up? Or is it a (formatting) dog’s dinner…?   Remember: the eye loves symmetry!
Are you featuring your skills and experience? Or is ‘what you did’ lost amongst all the words…?
Remember that the words you put on paper to represent yourself are of the utmost importance.  It will show you either as a person who attends to the detail or someone who lets mistakes get by and doesn’t notice…  Which one do you think the yacht captain is looking for?
For the crew that we put forward for jobs we spend some time enhancing their CVs and we find that it makes a huge difference!  We are frequently congratulated on the calibre of our candidates.
So for all crew looking for a job we recommend ‘tweaking’ the presentation of your CV to make it more appealing and ensure that it features your skills and experience and actually SELLS your skills rather than just making it an ‘account of your time’!   If it features the dates above all then it’s failed to do its job.   Most CVs need a tweak – some need a full overhaul – to enhance presentation.
Our crew agency experience has given us unique knowledge – so we know what Captains will respond to.  We are masters of Word Processing so we know what looks good too.  If you want us to fix your CV – we call it “CV Surgery” – we will reformat to improve the visuals, then check relevance of the content, re-order, spell and grammar check, and request  additional info or new photos (usually) to improve your CV and present you in the best possible way.
To enlist our help in revitalising and increasing the appeal of your CV, please download the CV Application form and return your “CV Surgery” request by email to  Once we have received your information we can put it all together.  The usual charge is AUD$199.  This is amazing value and an excellent investment in yourself.
You will be provided with an invoice and a copy of your completed CV in (editable) Word format.  Going forward you can simply makes changes your CV to add any further skills and experience, as your CV is always a ‘work in progress’.
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