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Monocle magazine prints article about 'Superyacht Crew International'

Monocle magazine prints article about Superyacht Crew International - June 2016

Reposted from Monocle Magazine -  p90 June 2016 edition.




Donna Morris,
Superyacht Crew International

Wherever you travel around the world, your yacht or motorboat crew is likely to have at least one Aussie on board.  Superyacht Crew International is Australasia's leading yacht-crew recruitment agency.

Q:   How did you come to be training and recruiting staff for superyachts?

A: I sailed the world for seven years crewing yachts.  I had previously worked as an intensive-care nurse and also as the manager of a 24-hour licensed hotel but only yachting asked me to muster every ounce of energy and diplomacy, good judgement, taste, style and patience.

Q: What does your client base look like? 

A: About 80 percent are captains or business managers of international superyachts. The market in Australia is small but it is growing steadily.

Q: What do superyacht owners tend to look for in their staff?

A: Continuity is the most common request.  Owners want to see the same faces on board.  Crew members with good personal skills and a fair amount of intuition are also highly sought-after.  Staff require the ability to speak when spoken to and engage in conversation but also being able to identify their cue to leave and get on with their work.  They need to be positive individuals with a smile on their face.

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